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dispatched halfway at the beatification of mother teresa. i don't know what the estimates were that day. but it's a daunting task to do it in a timely fashion. they have a well-choreographed system to do this. but there's rows of priests behind the altar, just off camera, who will begin processing down. you'll see them after the prayer concludes, processing down and throughout the square. >> translator: bless them and bestow them upon us. through him and with him and in him, oh, god, almighty father, in the unity of the holy spirit, all honor and glory is yours. forever and ever. amen. ♪ ♪ amen amen ♪ ♪ amen >> translator: at the savior's command, informed by divine teaching, we dare to say, our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day, our daily bread. and forgive us our trespasses. as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. deliver us, lord, we pray, from every evil. graciously grant peace in our days. that, by the help of your
particularly didn't like adam clayton powell who he thought was a demagogue. so i'm not sure what nixon, what nixon's role in this. mix son was, you know, nixon was very friendly with por row because they actually kind of liked each other, and that was a personal thing. >> well, the issue was that he was actually influenced by advisers to him in order to be able to make a decisive decision not to include him. so what i'm saying is do you feel as though nixon's personal politics towards african-americans during his administration were negatively affected by advisers that surrounded him during that administration? >> i don't think so. i mean, you're talking about president nixon, not vice president nixon. >> no, i'm talking about -- yes, i'm talking about president nixon, but i'm talking about an event that happened during his vice presidential -- >> i'm not aware of one or the other, i'm sorry. >> i think that richard nixon's attitude towards african-americans was shaped by some assumptions he had about genetics and race. which he speaks of on the tapes. and so i think, i think that it's reall
that works. >>brian: would you be talking to alisyn if she wasn't on television? >>alisyn: exactly. >>steve: you were talking about having a beaches brew pwao*u row and i was -- a beaches pwaou roerbgs and i was thinking i'm going to talk to her. >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines to tell you what else is making news at this hour. there are two brand-new developments to help police catch the person who murdered the head of colorado's prison system. 58-year-old tom clemens answered his door at his home and he was shot in cold blood. here's the first clue. witnesses noticed a suspicious car parked one street away from his home before the shooting. the second clue? a woman was seen exercising in the area at the time and police hope she maybe saw something and that she will come forward. >> she's been described as wearing light pants, a dark wind breaker and also a hat. again, this is not a person of interest concerning the crime but rather someone we think may have made observations that could be valuable to us. >>alisyn: the car which we're told had dash board lights on while parked is des
. that is not comforting. >> not at all. faen you're up this early, maybe you didn't get enough sleep last night. new research this morning shows that getting just a few hours of sleep a night in a row can lead to almost immediate weight gain. immediate, folks. researchers at the university of colorado studied 16 healthy men and women for two weeks, some were allowed to sleep a luxurious nine hours a night. the rest just five hours like z and i. those who stayed up late and got less sleep not only ate more, they also ate less healthy food consuming 6% more calories than the well rested group. i'm just going to sleep and sleep and sleep. >> all they needed to do is study us here. >> anyone that works in news. >> right. >>> stunning upset in college basketball. defending national champs, the kentucky wild cats lost last night to robert morris by a score of 59-57 in the first round of the nit. kentucky's season ending with a big thud. first they were left out of the ncaa tournament. now this. but congratulations to robert morris. go, colonials. >> all right. for viewers that don't know, zoraida won the
the idea that a presidential, that a party can hold on to the white house for three terms in a row is very, very rare, it's very difficult, and the idea that hillary clinton is the woman who can do that i find a little unlikely. i don't think barack obama's popularity transfers to her. if you watch that "60 minutes" interview with hillary clinton and barack obama, you could see why barack obama is more popular than hillary clinton as a politician, because he's a much more dynamic and engaging personality, and hillary just did not seem like she was a particularly interesting person or exciting person to listen to or follow. jon: "the washington post" is out with a poll on gay marriage that is kind of an outlier. the fox news poll and other polls taken til now have said the country is pretty evenly split on whether or not gay marriage is a good thing, so why make that sort of the first shot out of the cannon, if you will, if this is, in fact, a presidential campaign? >> well, i think part of it is the pressure was on the democratic party among the donor base which is wildly pro-gay marriage.
to us with proposals. we're very interested in the ability to do more in space row about the i canly. that is because, it would be, we had a satellite went up a few years ago. one of the antenna as didn't open. which meant half the revenue for the life of that satellite was lost. if you had been able to go up and grab the satellite and tweak the antenna a little bit you could probably save the entire mission of the we think the technology is there today and perhaps this is a good opportunity for for another hearing of the we know that darpa has some forward-leaning programs they're working on. and it is a technology that we in the private sector support fully and want to participate with the government on because there are because it is a valuable thing. that technology would allow the a minimum to remove large pieces of debris from most useful orbits. >> senator cruz? >> want to thank all four of you what i think has been a very interesting and productive hearing and i thank the chairman as well. >> indeed it has been most enlightening. we think for your expertise and your testimony
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that this is a situation where they don't know to make sure that they close those deals by the end of the quarter. >> yeah. slackers or something. you know salesmen. the world resolves around salespeople. they say it's not even plaque row. usually that's wa we'll say. >> it was said there was a sense of urgency that was lacking. >> yikes. i'd hate to be one of those guys. i'm alone here. where is sorkin? >> new orleans. he will be there at tulane. >> new orleans. that's cool. >> give me 30 seconds, i'll be right back. >> come on over. we have to check out to see how his eyes look this morning, thorls. >> i bet he he has benyaese with him, the doughnuts. >> yeah. i thought you were talking about something totally different. >> we'll see whether he's totally a mess. >> he's 23409 joining us until 7:00. >> he isn't? no. >> cyprus is desperately searching for a plan b today. has to find billions of euros to secure an eu bailout and avert a financial meltdown. our chief international correspondent who has been known to tie one on herself, michelle caruso cabrera joins us with the late latest. this is serious s
in a row. "the call" debuted in second place and "the incredible burt wonderstone" took third place. >>> flying down to rio is more exciting if you don't use an airplane. these two daredevils swooped over into the brazilian hot spot wearing wing suits and helmet cams. their fascinating footage included a daring pass between two towers with very little room to spare. wow. that is unbelievable. >>> crazy stuff. 11 minutes after the hour. dylan joined us on the set. >> nice sandwich here. as for the weather, we are going to see more snow, of all things. i think we're just getting enough of the snow right now. we have the winter storm warnings posted across the northeast. they extend back into parts of new york and pennsylvania. we also have blizzard warnings well to the west. that's more for blowing snow out that way. from minnesota down into d.c., we have snow falling. we'll see up to an inch or so possible in new york city. most of the accumulating snow will be up in new england, especially the ski resorts. good for them. they are keeping the ski season >>> 9:12. good morning to you.
that will provide more affordable health care, which will make sure people can't be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. it will make sure that kids can stay on their parents' insurance policy until they're age 26. you know, for three years in a row we've had a bill from our republican colleagues called repeal and replace. repeal obamacare, but you know what? we're going to replace it with something else that provides affordable care. three years. we've never seen replaceed. there is no replace -- replaced. there is no replaced. you can look in the republican budget. there is no replace. just like for three years they've told us they have a tax reform plan that's going to magically provide these big tax cuts for people and not hit misdemeanorle-income taxpayers. not one piece of paper out of the ways and means committee in three years. so, mr. chairman, i get a little -- it's a little tiresome to continue to hear people criticize savings that we achieve without touching beneficiaries which our colleagues, including -- our colleagues include in their budget and which extend the life
Search Results 150 to 159 of about 160